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Valley man’s proposal goes viral

File this wedding proposal under “VIRAWWWWWWWL.”

Johnny Marzolph and Crystal Lozano, both 26, have been sweethearts for nearly eight years.

Seven years, 11 months and (now) one week, to be exact.

They both attended Apollo High School in Glendale, Ariz., where they first met, and later, Arizona State University. They studied abroad together and soon after, got an apartment together.

And after seven years, 11 months, and one day, Marzolph was ready to make change…for the better.

With the help of BuzzFeed — and a bunch of old photos — Marzolph set out to declare to the world his love for Lozano.

And then he used the public forum to ask her a question.

“Meet me where it all began so we can start something new, and be grateful for all that we’ve shared since meeting in this exact spot for the first time.”

She showed up.

She said yes.