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Phoenix council members to vote on animals as prizes

PHOENIX — If Phoenix Councilwoman Thelda Williams gets her way, you won’t be winning any goldfish at the carnival or a turtle at the fair.

Williams wants to ban the practice of giving live animals, reptiles, fish and birds as prizes.

“I don’t want to see a puppy thrown on the street on the way home,” Williams said. “Or a goldfish in a garbage can or dumped down into our water system.”

Earlier this year, Fountain Hills banned the practice of giving live animals as prizes. Williams believes there is enough support on the Phoenix council to approve the ban when it meets on Wednesday, which is also when it is expected to vote on pet store restrictions: Williams wants to ban stores from selling dogs and cats obtained from large, commercial breeders — often referred to as puppy mills.

If the Phoenix council approves the ordinances, they will take effect in 30 days. In both cases, Williams said violators could face misdemeanor charges.