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Family rivalry heats up as Pac-12 title game nears

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — One went to Stanford. The other went to Arizona State University.

As the Pac-12 Championship game approaches, the matchup is creating quite the father-son rivalry at home, and at the law firm.

In Bob Boatman’s Scottsdale law office, there are plenty of old pictures and sports memorabilia from his time playing ball at Stanford.

“I graduated in 1981. I was there during the John Elway, Bill Walsh era,” said Bob, who still wears his old Stanford baseball hat.

Down the hall, his son, Matt, wears his old Sun Devil travel sweatshirt. Matt graduated from ASU in 2010, and like his father, played ball for his school — sort of.

“I was on the team, but I never played. But for what it’s worth, I played football at ASU,” said Matt.

Either way, Matt is rooting for the Sun Devils, and Bob is going for the Cardinal.

“I think it’s going to be about 35-21 Stanford,” said Bob.

“I’m going to say ASU sneaks out a close one 38-35,” said Matt.

Whoever loses has to wear the opposing team’s jersey around the office.

More importantly, Bob and Matt hope they get a chance to watch the game. Their office holiday party is right in the middle of the 5:45 kickoff, and there won’t be any televisions.

“It’s whether we abandon the firm party or spend the night watching our phones,” said Bob.

“No, I am going to abandon the firm party,” said Matt.