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Pot pupils: Arizona online college introducing class on marijuana

(AP Photo/Jim Mone,File)

PHOENIX — An online college based in Phoenix is introducing a new class on marijuana and careers related to the drug.

The survey course at Dunlap-Stone University, HCA-172, will allow students to learn about the modern cannabis industry. It is intended to provide an objective view of a topic that has been the source of many myths and stigmas over the years.

“This is literally trying to give a good, strong foundational understanding of the topic,” university President Donald Burton said.

Burton said, while this course will not go into great depth about the industry, there are more courses and even degrees about marijuana in the works.

“We have other courses that are in development that will go into detail in each of the areas covered in the [survey] course,” Burton said.

He said the school’s accrediting body was very supportive of the class. Phone calls to the school about the class have also been positive. Burton said future classes could go in-depth into medical marijuana and the chemistry of cannabis.

The survey course starts Dec. 10.

There is a petition to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona. Supporters are pushing to get the issue on the November ballot.

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