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Cash, card or phone? Here’s how Americans plan on making holiday purchases

PHOENIX — Though some may argue it began in October, the day after Thanksgiving is the undisputed start to the holiday shopping season.

While everyone will be rushing to stores and malls across the country, not everyone will be paying for those purchases the same way.

According to Bankrate, 70 percent of Americans will pay with cash (39 percent) or a debit card (31 percent) and 22 percent will put in on a credit card. Amazingly, 3 percent of consumers will still use a check to pay for their Christmas gifts.

Mobile payments, the supposed payment-system of the future will only be adopted by 14 percent of shoppers this year. The service, popularized by Apple Pay or Android Pay, apparently hasn’t caught on due to questions about security or the habitual nature of consumers, according to Bankrate.

It is slightly more popular among millennials with 19 percent using a mobile payment system. Although, the 18-29 age group likes debit cards most of all at 48 percent.

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