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Hug it out: Harrison Ford ends feud with Chewbacca with some help from Adele

“Star Wars” fans got a chance to see Harrison Ford and Chewbacca dramatically and emotionally end their long-standing feud on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

In this video, Ford helps talk Chewbacca off of a ledge after a montage of memories involving the pair plays over the sounds of Adele’s chart-topping song, “Hello.”

It seems like the pair really did have a beautiful friendship, as Ford remembers times the two drank beers, played checkers and went on grooming outings.

As Ford joins Chewbacca on the roof, he embraces the Wookiee, saying, “Come here you, you big walking carpet.”

The fight began in 2013 when Ford accused Chewbacca of cheating with his wife in a curse-filled “rant” on Kimmel’s show.

It seems like every fighting couple is getting a little help from Adele’s new song these days. We’re happy the singer’s lyrical magic worked out for Ford and Chewie.

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