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Owner finds out nothing will hold his pug back from rummaging through garbage

Dog owners know how difficult taking care of our furry friends can be, but nobody knows that more than this guy.

YouTube user Viva Frei uploaded a video Nov. 11 after coming home early from work to find his house ransacked.

While some might find that terrifying, Frei knew exactly who the culprit was: His adorably chubby pug.

Frei even said he wanted to discipline the pup for the incredible mess he made, he could not bring himself to get angry, breaking out in laughter instead.

Frei went to extra measures (ie. wrapping rubber bands around the handles of his cabinets) to make sure the pug did not get anywhere near the garbage, but alas, the dog is too smart for his own good.

Even more amazingly, Frei said in a YouTube comment, the cute pup is “very old, arthritic, and totally blind,” making the situation even more outrageous.

So, while dogs can be a pain and a giant mess at times, just like us humans, we just can’t help but love them anyway.

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