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No offense to ‘Star Wars’ but this ‘Sea Wars’ trailer is pretty good, too

“A long time ago, on an ocean far, far away…” OK, maybe not.

While it’s highly unlikely this cleverly dubbed “Sea Wars” trailer will make fans rethink their Dec. 18 viewing plans to switch over to the “sea” side, it’s still a great chance to hear the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer audio combined with some cool Navy-inspired footage.

Even though there isn’t a “Han Solo of the sea” in sight, the fake trailer has still gone viral with over 740,000 views. And yes, there is a brief lightsaber appearance.

The ominous “Star Wars” music playing in the background just makes everything seem more exciting, not that the aerials in the trailer are shot on cool.

As one YouTube user commented, “This should be the commercial to get people to join the Navy.”

We totally agree.


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