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Faith in Humanity: Valley charity uses food truck to feed homeless

While feeding the homeless is a noble notion, it can be difficult to make sure everyone on the streets has a chance to be fed.

After all, what if someone can’t make it to the shelter or designated spot? Enter ONe TRUe LOVe, a Phoenix-area food truck that brings meals to the homeless.

The food truck started out as a documentary idea five years ago, but evolved into a nonprofit that seeks to help those in need. So far, the charity has served more than 32,000 meals.

The organization holds monthly themed events where it serves between 600-1,200 meals in a matter of hours. It also accepts unused food from other trucks, farms and grocers to prevent food waste.

In addition to accepting donations online, ONe TRUe LOVe also sells organic lemonade at food truck festivals to raise money.

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