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Arizona tourism industry working to appeal to women

PHOENIX — Arizona’s travel industry is doing more to appeal to female travelers.

One reason is that when it comes to planning a trip, women usually make the decisions.

“We know that 80 percent of all travel decisions are made by women,” said Stephanie Dembowski with Triple-A of Arizona.

Dembowski said more women are traveling without a man.

“It can be either women leaving their husbands at home, women wanting to leave their husbands and kids at home, single women or women who are just looking to make new friends,” she said. “It really varies.”

Dembowski said that, many times, women are taking the initiative and booking a trip to where their men “just don’t want to go.”

Hotels and travel companies are taking note. For example, Hyatt hotels is now offering “Hyatt for Her” at several European locations. It offers rooms with special hair products and amenities for women.

Triple-A has a women-only travel group called “Today’s Traveling Women” that is offering seven trips in the next year.

“One is going to the southern part of the country,” said Dembowski. “Another is going to the U.K. Gardens, which will explore the gardens of the United Kingdom. There’s one to Alaska. There’s a river cruise along the Rhine River in France and Germany. There’s also a trip to Spain.”

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