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Doctors hope video game will prevent concussions

PHOENIX — Doctors at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix are hoping a new cell phone video game will help young football players stay safe.

It’s called “Barrow Brain Ball,” and is designed to teach the players how to avoid concussions.

“Athletes can participate in video game in which they move around and gain points by avoiding concussions,” said Dr. Javier Cardenas.

“It focuses on the things that you can do to reduce your chance of concussion,” Cardenas said. “Those include making sure that the helmet is fitted properly, making sure your equipment is safe and making sure that you’re avoiding a collision with other players.”

If the players do get tackled in the video game, Cardenas said they have a lot of things to overcome to continue playing the game.

“If they get struck by another athlete, there are simulated classroom settings in which they have to go and learn about concussion symptoms and signs,” he said.

The game, played through an app, will be available on Android and iPhones this week.