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Valley company placing traffic cameras on school buses

PHOENIX — A Valley-based company that brought cameras to catch speeders and red-light runners is growing its business via school buses.

Redflex Traffic Systems has a program called “Student Guardian” which uses cameras on school-bus stop-arms to catch drivers who fail to stop.

“There is immense, widespread, social and political acceptance because parents want it,” said Division President Tom O’Connor.

O’Connor said studies show, on a daily average, one car passes each stopped school bus.

“There are 440,000 buses on the road today,” he said.

While they will catch fewer violators using the stop-arm cameras compared to photo enforcement cameras, O’Connor said the average fines are significantly higher.

The cameras take two still photos and video for law enforcement to review to determine whether a violation has taken place.

Currently, Redflex has deal in eight states that for the stop-arm cameras. Arizona is not among them, but O’Connor expects that will change. He said politicians across the country are working on legislation to allow stop-arm cameras.