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ASU students flock to new downtown fitness center

PHOENIX – Students at Arizona State University’s downtown campus have a new place to workout.

The $25-million Sun Devil Fitness Complex opened last week and is right next door to a downtown Phoenix landmark.

“The YMCA are our neighbors, and then we have the Sun Devil Fitness complex, which is adjacent to the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA which is right next door,” said ASU Assistant Dean of Students Tanya Mendes.

Mendes said the fitness center has some awesome facilities. “We have a rooftop pool, an indoor running track, and a basketball court,” Mendes said. “And of course, we offer our group fitness classes, and we have all of the stuff you need for strengthening and conditioning.”

She said students are pretty excited about the place.

“The day of opening, they were waiting at 5 a.m. waiting to get right in. It’s been pretty busy as you can tell,” said Mendes. Dozens of students were using fitness equipment just a few feet away from where we were speaking with Mendes.

Outdoors, on top of the five story building, we found Freshman Elouise Bacon lounging by the pool.

“I think it’s awesome,” Bacon said. “I mean, you can see everything from here. I love it. I love the rooftop pool.”

Students pay a $75 dollar yearly fee for access to the fitness center, which is also open to members of the YMCA next door.