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Man who gave son beer removed from Cardinals game for behavior

PHOENIX — A man who asked his son to hold his beer while he took a photo at an Arizona Cardinals game was removed from the stadium after being disorderly, reports from the responding officers said.

After John Coulter was seen handing his 15-year-old son his beer, officers from the Arizona Dept. of Liquor Licenses and Control approached him and informed him that he had broken the law.

“He had the cup in his hands for eight seconds,” Coulter said. “It was harmless.”

The reports said that Coulter became angered after officers asked to see both his and his son’s identification and later admitted to interrupting the officers as he attempted to explain his son was only holding the cup.

The reports said that Coulter was verbally abusive to the officers and was removed from the stadium because he was being disruptive to other fans.

An official said the officers in the situation did not overreact when asking Coulter to leave. Had they believed Coulter was trying to provide his son with beer, he would have been arrested.

“When the officers determine that the intent is to give an underage person liquor, to provide them with liquor, an arrest will be made,” Communications Director for the Arizona Dept. of Liquor License and Control Lee Hill said. “In this case, an arrest was not made.”

Coulter’s son said he did not drink any of the beer.

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