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Students move in at Grand Canyon University

PHOENIX — Grand Canyon University will welcome a record 3,000-strong freshmen class over the next two days as the students move into their dorm rooms.

Students are hauling in in TVs, computers, luggage, clothes and more into the dorms. About 1,600 students, faculty and staff are helping the new students move all their stuff.

The unloading zone looks like a NASCAR pit stop: Parents pull up with the cars and volunteers unload everything.

Kassandra Lozoya from Phoenix was surprised to see this many people.

“It’s a welcoming vibe,” she said. “I feel comfortable already and that’s good.”

Grand Canyon University President Brian Mueller is also lending a hand.

“This is one of the reasons people are attracted to GCU,” he said. “They feel like they’re welcome and part of a community right from the beginning. I’ve been up to the fifth floor a few times now.

Classes begin Monday at GCU.