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Beer handoff costs father, son seats at Cardinals game

LISTEN: Cardinals Beer Situation Gets Fans Booted

PHOENIX — Parents, please note: Do not ask underage offspring to hold a beer at an Arizona Cardinals football game.

John Coulter did just that at Saturday’s preseason home opener and was busted by a pair of state liquor board officers. He and his 15-year-old son were asked to leave University of Phoenix Stadium.

“I first thought it was a ‘Candid Camera’ joke, I thought someone was goofing around. I was waiting for someone to jump out with a camera and say the whole thing was a prank,” Coulter told 92.3 KTAR on Wednesday.

The season ticketholder and his son had stopped at concessions for drinks on the way to their seats — beer for dad, soda for son.

When a line formed by fans waiting for ushers to check their tickets, Coulter and the boy attempted an end-around and stood by a railing for Coulter to take quick picture. He handed the cup of beer to the boy while he took a camera out of his pocket.

“He had the cup in his hands for eight seconds,” Coulter said. “It was harmless.”

Shortly after the photo was taken, two men approached, one of whom flashed a badge and identified himself as a liquor board officer. “One of them explained he observed me handing beer to my son.

“He started rattling off all the rules I’d broken by doing that.”

Coulter admitted to interrupting the officer to explain his son only held the cup. But he also asked his son if he had sneaked a sip.

“He said ‘No.’ ”

They missed the game, a 12-7 win over the Dallas Cowboys, but that’s preferable to the more serious consequences of dad being jailed or fined $2,500.

The Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control said it was investigating the incident.

KTAR’s Clayton Klapper contributed to this article.