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Report: 3 Arizona cities among most thriving in nation

PHOENIX — Three Arizona cities are reportedly among the most thriving cities in the nation.

According to The Daily Beast, all three cities are in the Valley.

Gilbert, which is technically a town, is the eighth-most thriving city. Its population has gone up 6.1 percent, has an unemployment rate of 5.7 percent and 93 percent of the city’s population is above the poverty line.

Chandler came in at No. 12 with a 4 percent population change, a 6 percent unemployment rate and about 90 percent of the population lives over the poverty line.

The final city, Scottsdale, came in at No. 15. Its population has increased 2.8 percent, it has an unemployment rate of 6.1 percent and 91 percent of the population is above the poverty line.

Overall, the most thriving city in the country was Irvine, Calif., followed by San Jose, Calif., Fremont, Calif., Austin, Texas, and San Francisco, Calif., respectively.

To determine which cities were doing the best, The Daily Beast used multiple government and private information sources and established a ration of population growth, employment, market, infrastructure and intellectuals.