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Arizona students, parents asked to sign gun contract

PHOENIX — Both parents and students in the Flowing Wells Unified School District were asked to sign a contract stating they would not bring guns or other weapons to school.

According to the Daily Independent, the contract was distributed as part of the district’s registration packet.

Under the contract, parents must agree to teach “…including by personal example, my teenager about the dangers and consequences of the misuse of guns and weapons and I will keep any guns and all weapons under lock and away from school grounds and away from my children.”

The district, which controls Flowing Wells Junior High, Flowing Wells High School and Sentinel Peak High School, said there is no consequence if a student or parent refuses to sign the contract.

Superintendent Dr. David Baker said the contract was written years ago and slipped through this year’s review process.

The district is believed to have never had an issue with guns or weapons on campus.

Two parents refused to sign the contract.

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