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How to beat traffic ticket: Cop pulls over slow-moving car, finds no driver

Note to crooks: You do not want to be a passenger in a Google self-driving car. In the slowest chase of all time, a Bay Area police officer pulled over such a car that was going 24 mph in a 35 mph zone.

The Internet tech giant was testing the vehicle Thursday in its hometown of Mountain View, California, when the officer made his move. As he got closer he knew he wouldn’t get any fake apologies from a driver.

Instead, according to the department’s blog, he got hold of Google and chatted up the car’s operators about how the vehicle works.

He found out the car can’t go much faster: for safety purposes, it tops out at 25 mph.

So, it’s like driving with one of your great-grandparents behind the wheel.

The future may be a lot slower than previously believed.

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