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Theft protection urged as kids head to college

PHOENIX — College students will be taking everything they own to school in the next few days and criminals will be looking to take everything those students own.

It’s not uncommon for students to have $10,000 worth of property or more in the dorm room or new apartment — a goldmine for thieves.

John Kennedy with Allstate in Mesa said about seven of every ten claims he sees from college students involve theft and suggests students buy renter’s insurance. It offers protection and won’t break the bank.

“I think sometimes students overlook just how expensive their stuff is. The students bring a lot of big ticket items with them: Smartphones, laptops, bikes, backpacks, furniture, just to name a few items. Renters insurance runs about $15 per month and will cover $15,000 to 20,000 of their property.”

Kennedy said bundling insurance with a car policy will drop the renters insurance cost to next to nothing. Another reason for students to have renters insurance is it would give them living expenses in case of a fire or vandalism at their apartment and it’s unlivable.

Kennedy said students under 26 living on campus may be covered under their parents’ homeowners policy but they will need to make sure to check with the agent.