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Study: Scottsdale fourth worst city for online dating

PHOENIX – If you’ve jumped into the online-dating game in the city of Scottsdale but haven’t been successful, you might not be alone.

FOX 10 News reports that a new study by online-dating website found out which are the top five worst cities for online dating and the city of Scottsdale ranked number four.

The web site based this study on information like the number of new messages per week and ratio of success to rejection when messaging someone they were interested in.

The study placed Scottsdale at 61.3 percent – the number representing unsatisfied people looking for love but failing, and the reasons might amount to a lack of an emotional-based romantic relationship.

“It’s very superficial. it’s very physical, it’s just not an emotional based place to find love, that’s my honest opinion,” said Maryam Ali.

St. Louis, Mo. was ranked the worst city for online dating with 67 percent reporting being unsatisfied, while the city of Philadelphia, Pa., ranked number five, at 59 percent, respectively.