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Valley man’s search for thief goes viral

Getting something stolen is never enjoyable, but one Valley man’s search for a thief is going viral.

According to KPHO-TV, Arcadia resident Tim Lake was awaiting a package from Amazon that had a couple of single-use coffee cups and an ice tray. The package arrived as scheduled, but someone else saw the package first.

“I saw that there was this woman at my door. The video camera sends me a screenshot,” explained Tim Lake.

After he was alerted that his $22 worth of stuff was stolen, Lake resolved to not take the crime lying down. He began putting up posters to alert his fellow neighbors.

“On Friday, the second day of August in the year of our Lord 2013, I was suddenly and deliberately robbed by an unknown assailant,” the poster reads.

The poster also described the “perp” as “jerk” who had eyes “lacking a soul.” The poster said the thief’s nationality is “Un-American.”

Buffalo-based KegWorks, a beer supply company, responded to the theft and said it would replace the stolen goods.

After placing the sarcastic posters around Arcadia, Lake filed a report with Phoenix police.