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Scottsdale mulls city safety plan overhaul for venues

PHOENIX — Two violent stabbings at Martini Ranch in Old Town Scottsdale, one of which claimed the life of a former Arizona State University football player, have prompted city leaders to propose a new citywide safety plan.

Spearheaded by Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, there is an on-going effort by officials to push through the Public Safety Plan ordinance.

“We wanted a plan that is standardized and met a mission to provide increased security, without turning the city into a kind of police state,” said Lane.

According to the city, the purpose of the ordinance is to promote the general health, safety and welfare of its community by requiring certain types of businesses to file, follow and keep current a public safety plan.

If it passes, the city would enforce specific requirements on the ratio of security officials per attendees, specific training standards and locations where violence is reported would be required to hire off-duty police officers to provide additional security.

Business owners would have to submit a plan to the city for approval and would not be allowed to operate without one. Further, there are stiff fees and penalties associated with this ordinance and, under certain circumstances, a business could have their plan revoked.

“The business owners aren’t necessarily jumping up and down about it, but I do think they realize the value to their operations and their businesses to be part of the answer rather than part of the problem,” said Lane.

The final meeting to gather input from the community is being held Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Human Resources Pinnacle Room, located at 7575 E. Main St. in Scottsdale.

To read a copy of the ordinance, click here.