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Student: President Barack Obama’s visit unforgettable

PHOENIX — Tuesday became a day that the Desert Vista High School Class of 2014 will never forget after President Barack Obama paid a visit.

Jasmine Coro said seeing Obama in person was on her bucket list.

“He’s probably my role model so even being this far away from him was almost too much to comprehend,” she said. “I started to tear up at first. It was a little overwhelming.”

Coro was impressed that the president broke it all down to a level that a high school student can understand and she feels better about her future.

“Whether its home buying or whatever, think through it and choose the best option,” she replied when asked to sum up Obama’s advice.

And it’s Coro’s belief that it wasn’t only students who took something away from this event. The president did too.

“I think he was taken by the whole student body being here, singing him ‘Happy Birthday’ and so on. That’s just part of being at this school. It’s exciting to be here.”

Coro was among 800 Desert Vista seniors who heard the president deliver his plan to boost middle-class home ownership.