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The happiest places in the United States, according to Tweets

PHOENIX – The end of summer might mean fewer nights out, less beach time and less fun — but happiness is year round and an infographic shows which states are the happiest in the country.

Io9 came across a recent study by the University of Vermont that looked at happiness based on the location of where tweets were coming from.

While the state of Arizona is not one of the happiest, it’s doing fairly well compared to some others states in the Deep South.

The numbers you see in the above graphic were derived by scoring more than 10,000 words on a positive-negative scale and measuring their frequency in millions of tweets across the United States.

According to the study, gun violence, obesity and life expectancy were some of the factors that contributed to the overall scoring.

It turns out that Louisiana is the saddest state. “Socioeconomic factors that influence happiness in the U.S., such as poverty, unemployment and government resources, also account for some of the variation in life satisfaction levels in countries around the world,” write [HuffingtonPost’s] Hall and Diehm.