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Staying fit: 6 ways to exercise with your children

In our society, it seems like individuals of all ages, even young children, are glued to electronics. Between playing video games, surfing the Internet, watching TV and more, it is no wonder why obesity rates are on the rise. August 4 marks the beginning of Exercise With Your Kids Week. This week is designed to help you get up, get active and add regular exercise to your and your children's lives.

There are multiple activities you can do with your children to get moving and start burning some calories. Below are six ways you can break your children away from their electronic gadgets and get them physically active.

Go to the park

The park is the ultimate play place. There is enough room for children to run around and the playground equipment adds variety. You can let your children enjoy the monkey bars, swing on the swings, play tag and more. And they will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize they are exercising. And while at the park, don’t forget about your fitness levels. Play tag with your children or push them on the swings. Don’t just sit around. Get up and have some fun with your kids.

Teach them a new skill

Spend time teaching your child a new skill. Teach them how to ride a bike or rollerblade. You could even spend time learning how to jump rope or play hopscotch. Find an activity your child would enjoy and that is appropriate for his or her age level. Something new may also captivate their attention and help keep them away from the computer or TV screens longer.

Enjoy a workout video

Most kids want to be just like their parents and do everything they do. Put on a workout video and let your children join you. They will have fun spending time with you and you will all enjoy a good workout.

Give them chores

When performing housework, you are burning more calories than you may realize. The scrubbing and vacuuming are excellent calories burners and you’ll be moving all over the home. Every morning, give your children a few chores to complete. Whether you have them sweep the floor, dust the coffee table, wash the windows or even do the dishes, they will be up and moving. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean house.

Go swimming

Swimming is an excellent way to stay active and most children love to play in the water. Teach them proper swim strokes or let them practice kicking. You can go to a shallow pool and let them run in the water. Swimming is the perfect activity to get your children excited and active. Plus, they will burn up some of their stored-up energy.

Visit a museum or other attraction

Visiting a museum or other local attraction is an excellent way to get up and walk around, plus it is educational. Your children will learn while staying active. What could be better than that?

Exercising with your children really doesn’t have to be a planned event. There are things you can do every day to have fun with your children, teach them and get them moving. Plus, there is no need to sit around and stare at screens all day. Spend time together, make memories and get healthy.

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Courtnie Erickson is a Utah State University graduate and a technology guru.