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Bisbee among top ten hippy towns in the nation

PHOENIX – Hipsters might be this generation’s youth in revolt with their unshaven beards and their fixed-gear bikes, but that doesn’t stop towns like Bisbee, Ariz., from still welcoming the sometimes forgotten hippy culture.

Estately, the on-line real estate brokerage company found out which cities still had large populations of hippies, and the city of Bisbee ranked number ten.

To determine this we used a formula based on marijuana availability and legality, number of stores selling hemp, local counter-culture icons, tie-dye availability, hippie festivals, progressive government, intensity of Occupy protests, and a Facebook poll.

Populated with poets, musicians and many other kinds of artists, the New York Times called the city of Bisbee “Greenwich Village West.”

In Bisbee, there’s no shortage of marijuana, which frequently wanders in across the nearby border with Mexico. There are a few pillars of the Bisbee business community who’ve spent some time in Mexican jails for attempting to bring pounds of weed back across the border, including the legendary local brewer Dave Harvan, whose Electric Brewing Company makes a damn good lager.

Surprisingly California, the state where the Flower Power movement originated came in at number eight, and the city of Eurgene, Ore., received the number one spot.