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Phoenix ranks fifth among top ten cities for job growth

PHOENIX – The Valley of the Sun ranked among the top ten cities for job growth.

The Phoenix Business Journal reports that the city not only maintained many of its jobs, but also improved compared to last year numbers.

Healthcare professionals top the list as the number one job in-demand at the moment, according to Joanie Ruge, senior vice president with

“Of course, the No. 1 position in highest demand is the registered nurse,” she said. “We continue to see that at the top of the charts in many large markets. Health care is a strong sector. Nurses and practitioners continue to really be in demand.”

But information technology and anything to do with mobile devices is growing pretty strong as well, she said.

“There’s positions for web developers, software developers, application development,” she said. “Really, that’s kind of tied with mobile technology. Cloud technology or social media is very, very hot right now. There are lots of opportunities in the Phoenix market for that.”

But one sector in the job market is struggling, and with a new U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report coming out soon, the results might be a bit frightening for some.

“We have lost on average about 7,000 jobs a month in manufacturing over the past few months, so that’s something to look for in tomorrow’s report — did we create jobs in manufacturing?”

The cities that ranked higher than Phoenix were Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta and Seattle, respectively.