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Tucson brewery keeping new beer under wraps

PHOENIX — A new beer being brewed in Tucson is creating quite the stir, but the makers are keeping the details in the dark.

New Belgium Brewing, the makers of Fat Tire, worked with with Dragoon Brewing in Tucson to create the newest limited-release beer in Arizona. Eric Greene is the head brewmaster for Dragoon and began making the first batch of his recipe Friday morning.

“This is the best part,” he said. “There’s a lot of work that goes into making a batch of beer.”

Greene is confident his recipe will hit the spot for beer lovers but he’s always anxious to see they respond to his creation.

The new brew is shrouded in secrecy down to the name, which Greene won’t release, but he says the concept is new-meets-old.

“We’re not shooting for the strongest or the wildest flavor combinations we can dream up.”

His latest creation will be released at the Tucson Beer Festival Sept. 28 and eventually there will be a few kegs in Phoenix and possibly Flagstaff.