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Maricopa County veteran inmates treated to Veteran’s Day celebration

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (left) speaks with veteran inmates currently detained at a Maricopa County jail in Arizona. (Photo: Corbin Carson/KTAR News)

PHOENIX — In recognition of Veteran’s Day, detained veterans at a Maricopa County jail in Arizona were treated to a special “Honor Walk” on Wednesday.

Since the veterans could not attend Phoenix’s annual Veteran’s Day parade, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said approximately 75 veteran inmates walked two miles around their recreation yard for the “Honor Walk.” The veterans were also given a different meal than the other inmates.

Arpaio said even though the veterans had transitioned from serving time overseas to serving time behind bars, he felt they needed to be honored.

“Veterans have special problems coming back from the service,”  he said. “So I think that they should be treated a little differently so we can help them.”

One inmate veteran thanked the sheriff when he took the time to specifically call out Vietnam veterans for recognition.

“Because we’re the ones that’s most stranded and still fighting for our cause,” the veteran said. “And that’s just to get the proper help that we need for PTSD or anything.”