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Veterans have career opportunities at local law enforcement agencies

PHOENIX — Dozens of veterans in the Metro Phoenix area still put their lives on the line for their community on a daily basis.

For some members of the military, the call of duty does not end when their time in the service is up and they join local police agencies.

“The Phoenix Police Department has a lot of veterans from all of the services,” Phoenix Police Officer James Holmes said. “We have a lot that served four to six years, we have a lot like me that did 20 years in the military, retired and then became a police officer.”

Holmes said veterans offer a unique set of skills to police departments and their communities.

“(Veterans) are used to comradery. They are used to depending on others for their success, and that is just a wonderful thing for law enforcement,” Holmes said.

Veterans who are interested in a career in law enforcement are encouraged to contact the Phoenix Police Department or their local police agency.

“You will be going from the regimented military to the city of Phoenix, and you are still going to be serving the exact same people that you served in the military,” Holmes said.