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Fly like a bird with this point-of-view video of jetpack soaring over New York City

Have you ever wanted to fly on the world’s only jetpack?

Well, sorry, but you’re going to have to keep dreaming.

But luckily for you, you can pretend like you’re flying on the world’s only jet-pack with this point-of-view video from JetPack Aviation.

(Because, really, what’s better than imagination?)

The company took the “world’s only real JetPack,” according to the video’s description, and flew it around the Statue of Liberty in New York.

The two-man team of developers behind the JetPack, David Mayman and Nelson Tyler, have been working on developing a light but fully functional jet-pack for the past 40 years.

Here’s to paving the way to a better, lazier future!

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