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VIDEO: Man saves penguin, penguin visits man every year

Here’s a story from the Wall Street Journal of pure, unadulterated friendship sure to warm the coldest of hearts.

Back in March of 2011, retired bricklayer João Pereira de Souza, 71, found JingJing, a Patagonian penguin, covered in oil on the beach near his home in Ilha Grande — a Brazilian fishing island.

de Souza nursed his tuxedoed friend back to health and since then, Jingjing has visited him every mating season for about two weeks at a time. His native land of Patagonia is about 2,000 miles south, by the way.

“When he returns he’s so happy to see me,” de Souza told WSJ, “he comes up to my neck and hoots.”

The two walk on the beach together, surf and — stop, it’s too adorable — share a can of sardines.

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