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Mesa, Ariz. officials asking public to help identify ‘strange’ machine found in field

(Photo: City of Mesa)

PHOENIX — It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Actually, we don’t know what this is.

After a machine was found in an Arizona field, local transportation officials and residents alike have been left scratching their heads over what in the world it could be, according to

The machine, which weighs approximately 1,000 pounds and is decorated in solid steel, was found by road workers in September who then brought it to the transportation department in Mesa, Arizona.

Since then, the department has not been able to identify what the machine is or what is does and is now turning to the public for help.

In addition to the solid steel body, said the machine also has metal tags with sayings such as “Set bottom of scale to top punch entry,” “Upper punch penetration,” and “Tablet thickness” and wheels with engraved numbers. It also appears to be custom-made.

Facebook users have speculated that Googling the part number on the label brings results for Manesty, a pill tablet press that is now owned by Bosch, but the transportation department is still working to verify those claims.

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