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Unexpected ‘Star Wars’ trailer released, Internet subsequently freaks out

The momentum around the newest “Star Wars” film got a little more intense Friday, when an unexpected trailer hit the web and the Internet freaked out.

The 1:52 “The Force Awakens” trailer was posted to Walt Disney Japan’s YouTube page and offers a very different look at the film. While the American trailers have been, for the most part, fairly vague as to plot points or character relationships, the Japanese trailer appears to show a little more detail.

While most of the suppositions online based on the never-before-seen footage aren’t all that surprising — think Bad Guy chases Good Guy, there’s probably going to be a twist, etc. — the fact that director J.J. Abrams said there would be no more trailers released was more than enough fuel for the online fire.

Everyone from large media outlets to celebrities to the everyday fan had something to say about “Star Wars.”

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait much longer for the latest chapter in the “Star Wars” saga. “The Force Awakens” is scheduled for a Dec. 18 release.

Several Valley theaters will host a marathon of all seven films. Both AMC and Harkins theaters still have opening day tickets available.

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