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Arizona could see economic policy reform in 2016 to boost economic competition

PHOENIX — Arizona lawmakers want the state to become more economically competitive in the region.

As the 2016 legislative session gets closer, state lawmakers are working with business leaders throughout Arizona to develop new policies to attract companies from other states in the region, particularly Nevada.

Garrick Taylor, spokesman for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said state lawmakers need to work hard in order to drive up business in the state.

“There is a high pitched battle for companies and talent,” he said. “It is incumbent on state lawmakers here in Arizona to make sure that we’ve got the right mix of the competitiveness cocktail to bring business here.”

Taylor said in order to attract new businesses to Arizona, state lawmakers will be taking a look at Legislative reform in several areas.

“That runs the gamut from taxes, our regulatory scene, our legal environment and our labor environment,” he said.

While Arizona and Nevada work together to grow the southwest’s economy, Taylor said state lawmakers will be looking out for Arizonans’ best interests during the next legislative session.

“When it comes to jobs, we will go toe-to-toe with any state,” he said.

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