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Arizona State University breaks graduation records for student-athletes

(ASU Photo)

PHOENIX — Arizona State University has reached a record in graduation success rates for student-athletes, according to ASU News.

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, ASU had a student-athlete graduation success rate of 84 percent. This rate was an all-time high for the university.

“The student-athlete is the centerpiece of our department’s efforts,” Ray Anderson, vice president of university athletics, said in an interview with ASU News.

“(ASU Athletic Director) Jean Boyd, his staff and the coaches not only teach leadership, risk-taking, and teamwork, but also complement the invaluable academic growth gained from the classroom.”

Over the past nine years, the university has either tied or surpassed its best rate, according to the article.

Each year, the NCAA announces graduation rates for all Division I institutions in response to university presidents who wanted data that accurately reflects the “mobility among all college students today,” according to the website.

The rate is the organization’s primary tool of measuring academic success.

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