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Arizona Hispanic leaders in support of education funding settlement

A graduation ceremony at Phoenix College. (Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Facebook Photo)

PHOENIX — Hispanic leaders in Arizona have expressed their support for the negotiated settlement in the state’s K-through-12 education funding lawsuit.

Latino children now make up the largest single group of students in Arizona. Because of that, the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce stated that the negotiations made in the lawsuit lay the groundwork to ensure Latino students receive a quality education which they believe will benefit the state’s economy.

Settling the lawsuit, however, is just the first step Hispanic leaders want to see made.

“We have to look at the broader issues that are all connected to (education funding) and go beyond just a question of how the lawsuit was settled,” James Garcia, a spokesperson for the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said. “This proposal that was devised and passed on Friday isn’t the end of the discussion and can’t be the end of the discussion.”

Garcia said lawmakers need to continue putting more dollars into the classroom to ensure Latino students thrive.