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Phoenix-area cities ranked among highest nationwide for financial well-being

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PHOENIX — Four Arizona cities have been identified as some of the top in the nation for financial well-being, according to a recent report from WalletHub.

As the holiday season gets closer and closer, Arizonans are gearing up for the hits that will be taken to their wallets, but for citizens of Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale and Peoria, that hit may be a little less.

Residents in these four Arizona cities were found to have managed both their finances and lifestyles responsibly while being in an environment that promotes wealth creation and upward mobility, according to the website.

Gilbert ranked No. 1 on the list for both wallet wellness and household income, but fell to No. 3 for job seekers and No. 4 in the nation for homeownership rate.

At No. 4 for both wallet wellness and household income, Chandler ranked No. 6 for job seekers before falling to No. 24 for foreclosure rate.

Scottsdale ranked No. 7 for wallet wellness but ranked No. 3 for household income. The Phoenix-area city also ranked No. 8 for homeownership rate and No. 9 for job seekers.

Last, but not least, Peoria took the No. 9 spot for wallet wellness, No. 5 for homeownership, No. 7 for household income and No. 14 for jobseekers.

Gilbert and Chandler were joined by Fremont, California; Plano, Texas; and Overland Park, Kansas, for the top five cities in the nation for financial wellness.

The worst cities in the nation for financial wellness were Cleveland, Ohio; San Bernardino, California; Brownsville, Texas; Miami, Florida, and Heileah, Florida.

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