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Thousands teleport to downtown Phoenix for Comicon

PHOENIX — Zombies, Power Rangers, comic book fans and more have descended upon downtown Phoenix for Comicon.

The annual event is going on this weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center. This year’s convention features people in their favorite comic book and movie characters and booths where you can see all of the latest comic books and their creators.

Phoenix Comicon Spokeswoman Jillian Squires said you’ll have your chance to meet several stars there.

“Everyone from Michael Rooker to Christian Bauer from True Blood, we’ve got the ‘Babylon 5’ reunion, ‘Walking Dead,'” said Squires.

Numerous attendees were dressed as Storm Troopers from “Star Wars,” Power Rangers, and even one woman dressed as Bettlejuice. Then there was Bill Smith. His green leprechaun-like suite is a 1970’s anime character.

“Levon the Third is known as the greatest thief in the world,” said Smith. “He loves the chase. He loves to steal.”

When asked why he wanted to be associated with the character, Smith said it was because “I see a lot of myself in him.”

When asked if Smith has criminal record, he laughingly replied “No, I don’t have a criminal record!”

Standing next to Smith was Mary Anderson. She was dressed in a bikini as an anime character called Love Invader.

“I’m like the quintessential hot alien chick,” she said. “Some people describe her as an ‘oney,’ the Japanese word for ‘demon,’ but she’s really just cute and wants to have fun.”

Squires said that this year’s Phoenix Comicon is expected to attract 45,000 people over the stretch of the weekend.