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McCain, Graham talk immigration bill at town hall meeting

Three speaking points were on the agenda for a town hall meeting hosted by Senator John McCain, however, the topic of immigration dominated the hour.

Tempers flared and at times the discussion got heated. Other people stood and thanked McCain for his work on the bi-partisan immigration bill during the event held at Goodyear City Hall on Monday.

Dozens turned out for the event and some were pleasantly surprised to see Sen. Lindsey Graham. He was also on hand to answer a few questions on the controversial immigration bill.

“We have a right as a country to say who comes and on what terms,” Graham said. “We have lost our sovereignty as a nation. When you have 11 million people in your country and you don’t know who the hell they are, you’ve lost your sovereignty and we are going to regain it in a balanced way. ”

Graham told attendees that comprehensive immigration reform is critical for the economic health of our country in the coming years.