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Phoenix-area firearms dealers feeling pinch of national ammo shortage

PHOENIX — The run on ammunition across the nation is creating fallout for gun-related businesses in the Valley.

Dale Roddy with Desert Valley Firearms in Chandler said it has never been this difficult to keep his shelves stocked. He said ammunitions manufacturers have told him it will be at least nine months before they can return to full production.

The fear of tougher gun laws that started with the Newtown school shootings has caused ammo hoarding.

“The regular shooters come in wanting 9-millimeter rounds and we don’t have it, so that sends them off in a panic for other calibers like .45 and .223 so it has a ripple effect,” Roddy said.

Valley shooting ranges are feeling the bite of the ammo shortage too.

C 2 Tactical is Tempe’s first indoor shooting range. It opened last month and has less than six-months’ supply of ammo for customers. Owner Boe Bergeson said some manufacturers are telling him they’re done taking orders for the rest of the year.

“It’s frightening. We can sell it all daylong but our ability to replenish it is a huge unknown. If we can’t get ammo in stock we’ll be like a driving range with no golf balls. How fun is that?”

The range is limiting rounds to two boxes, per caliber, per person.