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Does a fun workplace equal better production?

Fun and games and work have not traditionally coincided, but some corporate experts claim “play” may actually promote a more productive workforce.

According to CNN, technological conglomerates such as Google and Twitter are not the only companies to incorporate a playful environment at the office.

“The emphasis on fun spawns creative energy,” explains Lauren Austin. She’s creative director at marketing agency MKG in New York, where play is a priority. “Inspiration comes from interacting with one another and the world around us.”

However, others argue this progressive type of thinking cannot come to fruition with unwilling employers. Native Marketing President Craig McAnsh explained that employees will be skeptical to adjust to a fun work setting if their superiors refuse to set the standard and engage in the activities.

“It has been a problem for many employees because they may feel that the idea ‘play’ is just given lip service by management,” he said. “Knowing it’s required is the only way this works. And the only way this happens is for senior staff to lead by example. Top down. If you have a ping-pong table, but don’t play, your … employees will not play.”

Let’s face it: Businesses will likely embrace fun at work if it equates to an enhanced job venue.