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Texas student pushes for the acceptance of 3D printed guns

A weapons advocate pushes to provide everyone with printable guns by April.

CNN reported that Cody Wilson, a Texas law student-weapons project leader, aims to make the world’s first entirely 3D printable gun. Aside from just making 3D printed guns, Wilson hopes to make them freely available to anyone with a 3D printer by April.

Though 3D printers aren’t prominent among common consumers today, Wilson expects that the product will become more common, making guns accessible to higher percentage of the population.

It will fall in price, and materials will be developed in a better place than they are now, so yes, if you were to have one in your home and you have the gun file, you can just click print and have the gun.”

With an easier accessibility, some fear that weapons can easily fall into the hands of children and the mentally unstable, which Wilson admitted he has little concern with.

“I’m willing to hold out some judgment. I don’t know how I’ll feel but I do believe in equality of access to quality production. I think this is something worth doing,” he said. “And I don’t think that we can collectively make a decision to withhold things from people before they do anything wrong.”

Wilson believes it’s within a citizen’s civil liberties to be able to print guns or any other product from the Internet without the government’s hindrance.

“When guns become digitized what would you have to do to stop people from getting this?” he asked. “Invade their civil liberties? Step on their internet? These are intolerable.”