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Valley doctor: Prevent osteoporosis early

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Preventing osteoporosis should start early, a Valley doctor said.

“Healthy bones begin in childhood,” said Dr. Tony Will of Midwestern University Clinic in Glendale. “It’s really important that children get adequate exercise in order to build up bone mass.”

From birth up until the age of 30, we are building strength in our bones. By the time we reach 30, we have reached the peak. As we age, we are more prone to fractures because of the loss of bone mass and bone density.

“So in those early parts of your life, it’s super important to build up your bones to the maxiumum potential,” said Will.

He offered these tips to help parents grow their children strong and healthy from the inside out:

• Make sure they are eating a health diet.

• Make sure they get plenty of physical exercise.

• Ensure they are getting the recommended doses of calcium and Vitamin D.

• Avoid soda. Some of the ingredients can leech calcium out of the bones.

• Tobacco decreases bone mass.