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Updating your online resume could be key to landing a job

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — If you’re planning to look for a job, you might want to make sure your resume is online and up to date.

Gone are the days where you could walk into an office and hand them your resume. Employers now use keywords on the Internet to find the right people to work for them.

Theresa Maher of said you need to have an online resume that’s specific to the job you’re looking for.

“If an employer is looking for a position that has certain skills, or certain skill sets in it, they want to see that in your resume, and right away and feel like you were made for that position that they’re looking for,” Maher said. “It’s about being very specific and very detailed in what you can do for a company.”

Maher said you don’t have to list every job you’ve ever done, and that an employers should be able to tell that you’re right for the job after spending about 15 seconds reading your resume.