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Letter on Eddie Basha’s passing given to company employees

Edward “Trey” Basha III distributed a letter to company employees on behalf of his family, following the passing of chairman and CEO Eddie Basha on Tuesday.

March 26, 2013

Dear Members:

It’s with the heaviest of hearts that my family and I share news we’d hoped never to have to
share: Eddie passed away today.

We want to share with you just how much Eddie loved Bashas’, its members and its customers.
From our earliest childhood, he always reinforced to us the importance of our members and
giving back to our community. Some of his fondest times were being with Bashas’ members and
customers, whether at the office, the Distribution Center or in the stores.

To us, and to many of you, Eddie was always larger than life, and he gave his heart and soul to
Bashas’ Family of Stores. Ironically, Eddie never saw himself that way. He considered himself
to be a Bashas’ member, no different than any other, and he considered all Bashas’ members to
be a part of his family. During Eddie’s lifetime he faced many challenges, the last few years
being among the most challenging. But his desire to serve the people of the state he loved so
well, and to take care of the members that he cared for so much, always gave him strength in the
face of adversity.

It is our collective strength that has seen us through difficult days. This strength will continue to
move us forward, even though we have suffered such a tragic loss. As a family, we want to
thank you for your devotion, thoughts and prayers.

Edward Basha

There has been an outpouring of support from Arizonans who are fondly remembering Basha’s legacy.