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Vets urge caution ahead of Easter holiday

PHOENIX — If you have a snack-snatching pooch, make sure you are vigilant about keeping all those Easter goodies away.

“The thing that would be most surprising for pet owners is that we are seeing more and more Xylos toxicity in domestic dogs,” said Dr. Steve Bishop of Animal Care Hospital in Phoenix. “It’s a really difficult thing to treat, extremely difficult to treat.”

Xylitol is a common sugar-substitute found in some baked goods, chewing gum and mints.

“Medium-sized dog that I had die about eight to 10 months ago consumed five sticks of chewing gum,” said Bishop.

He warned to keep dogs away from dark chocolate Easter bunnies.

“Milk chocolate is not quite as toxic. They’d have to consume quite a bit more milk chocolate to cause issues, however, just make certain that your dog stays away from any chocolate product.”

For cats, any type of lily can be very dangerous. Consuming even water from a vase that contains these traditional flowers could make them very ill and there is not antidote.

Other items to keep clear for both dogs and cats: Easter grass, plastic eggs or wrappers. Consuming such products could make your pet very ill or create obstructions.