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City: Grease clogging Phoenix sewer lines

PHOENIX — According to Phoenix’s Water Services Department, grease caused 26 sewer overflows in 2012.

Ken Kroski, department spokesman, said cool grease should go in the trash and never down drains “because it can not only clog the city’s sewer line and cost a lot of money to repair, but it can clog your private lines too and that comes directly out of your pocket.”

Kroski said, each year, water workers inspect about 300 miles of lines using a TV camera that spots cracks, grease and other buildup. Workers use a high-pressure water hose and a vacuum to collect the gunk and clear the lines.

Workers also set traps for roof rats. Last year, they caught nearly 400 – that’s about 150 more than in 2011.

“The increase in roof rats caught last year does not mean there are more roof rats. It just means that maybe they were a little more attracted to our bait,” said Kroski. “Maybe the winter was a little cooler and they wanted to get some shelter from our sewer lines, which can be warm.”