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Construction jobs increase in Phoenix but skilled workers still in demand

Phoenix made one of the largest job jumps in the country when it comes to construction-related jobs.

The Phoenix Business Journal reported that metro Phoenix saw an increase of 6,000 jobs in the construction field, the fourth-largest job jump in the nation.

Though jobs in the field have increased, construction companies are in dire need of skilled workers after the economic crash caused a shortage.

“Between the challenges of attracting new recruits and retaining out-of-work ones, there aren’t that many skilled workers waiting for a callback in many parts of the country,” said Stephen Sandherr, CEO of the AGCA, said in the report. “If the industry continues to add jobs, it won’t be long before contractors in some parts of the country are scrambling to find enough skilled workers to meet demand.”

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the construction job increase brought the Valley’s workforce up to 88,500.

Phoenix was a part of the 43 percent of metro areas that saw job increases across the nation, with Dallas, TX having the largest gain of 10,000 jobs. Los Angeles followed with an increase of 9,600.